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Plus Advanced Full
Nodes (Elements)
Unlimited Nodes and Elements
Plus Advanced Full
Automated Modeling Wizard
Beam / Column / Plate / Shell
Culverts (Slab and Box)
RC Slab Bridge
RC Frame Bridge
Balanced Cantilever Construction
Incrementlly Launched Bridge
Span by Span Construction
Movable Scaffolding System
Cable Stayed Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Grillage Model
Transverse Analysis Model
Post-tension Wizards (FCM, ILM, MSS, FSM, & PSC bridge)
Plus Advanced Full
Analysis Types
Static Analysis
Dynamic Analysis
- Eigen (Lanczos) and Ritz vector Analyses
- Response Spectrum Analysis
- Time History Analysis (Option)
- Inelastic Time History Analysis (Option)
* Beam element
* Lumped hinge & Distributed higne
* Automatic calculation of yield strength
* Axial load - biaxial moment interaction
* Fiber model Analysis
- Boundary Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis using Gap, Hook, Damper, Isolator, Hysteretic System
- Pushover Analysis
* Auto Plastic Hinge Definition
* Auto PM Interaction curve for hinge formation
* Obtain Performance point as per FEMA
Moving Load Analysis
- Eurocode 1
- AASHTO LRFD & Standard Spec. Load auto/generation
- BS5400 Spec. & BD37/01
- SP 35.13330.2011
- Abnormal Indivisible Load
- Influence Line / Surface
- Moving Load Tracer & Force Envelopes
Soil Structure Interaction Analysis
- Settlement Analysis
Detailed Section Analysis
- Section Property Calculator for irregular sections
* Import section drawing from AutoCad
* Create composite section with more than 2 parts
Buckling Analysis
Heat of Hyration Analysis for mass concrete (Option)
- Heat of Hyration Analysis for mass concrete
- Convection, Heat Source, Pipe cooling, etc.
Thermal Stress Analysis
Material Nonlinear Analysis (option)
- Truss, Plate, Plane stress, Plane strain, Axisymmetric and Solid
- Tresca, von Mises, Mohr-Coulomb and Drucker-Prager
- Isotropic, kinematic and mixed hardening
Composite Bridge Analysis
Construction Stage Analysis
- Unlimited Stages (Up to 10 stages)
- Creep, Shrinkage & Modulus of Elasticity
- Tension losses in tendons
Higher Order Analysis
- P Delta Analysis
- Geometric Nonlinear Analysis
- Large Displacement (Forward / Backward) Analysis
* Suspension Bridge
* Cable Stayed Bridge
* Cable Tuning
Rail Track Analysis
- Auto-generation wizard of rail track analysis model
- Temperature, acceleration and braking loads
- Rail track structure interaction
Plus Advanced Full
Design & Load Rating
Steel Frame (AASHTO, India, AISC, Taiwan)
Concrete Frame (AASHTO, Eurocode, BS, Taiwan)
Plate Girder (Eurocode)
PSC Design (AASHTO,Eurocode)
Irregular Section Design (Eurocode, AASHTO)
Moving Load (ASHTO LRFD, Standard, PENDOT, Canada, BS, Eurocode, India, Taiwan, China)
Response Spectrum (UBC, Eurocode, IBC, NBC)
Creep / Shrinkage (CEG-FIP, ACI, PCA, AASHTO, IRC, Eurocode)
Bridge Load Rating (AASHTO)
Plus Advanced Full
Finite Element Library
General Beam
Tapered Beam
Cimpression Only
Mass / Spring / Damper
Plane Stress
Plane Strain
Plate (Thick / Thin, In-plane / Out of plane Thickness & Orthotropic materials)
Stiffened Plate
Solid (Hexahedron, Pentahedron, Tetrahedron)
Rigid Link
Cable (Equivalent Truss Type)
Cable (Elastic Catenary Type)
Plus Advanced Full
Dynamic Report Generation
Plus Advanced Full
GSD (General Section Design) (Option)
- Draw Arbitrary Cross-sections (RC, Steel, Composite)
- Capacity Curves (P-M, M-M, 3D) & Capacity Check Ratio (Eurocode)
- Moment-Curvature Curves for Different Axial Loads
- Stress Contours for Combined Loading
FX+ Modeler (Option)
- Finite Element Modeler & Auto-Mesh Generator
- Export model to Civil


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